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Current Specials*

* Prices reflect 3% discount for cash, small orders may have surcharge, special pricing for military, LEO or SASS

(subject to availability)

Keep your money in the mountains AND get great prices on firearms and accessories
Special discounts for LEO, Active and Retired military, and SASS members 

Get a quote

You know what you want!  Shop around, test drive it in the gun stores, and see what the price is... and then I'll let you know how much money I can save you.

You have nothing to lose and money to save by letting me help you.


GLOCK G4 Model 19 - MSRP: $649 + tax = $690

My Price, including tax: $550 (almost a $150 savings!)

How the Process works:

  1. You let me know what you'd like.

  2. I will contact you with availability and prices.

  3. Once we agree, I'll send an invoice.

  4. I'll place your order upon payment.

  5. When it arrives, we'll meet, run the required background check, and you will leave with your purchase.

Success! Message received.

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