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Microsoft Office

From Office 2003 to Office 365: We can make you better!
Office Maximization


You've invested at least hundreds and probably thousands of dollars into having the latest Microsoft Office products on your company's computers.




But how much of the capability you've paid for are your employees using?  Take a look... are they using taskings?  Are they using Excel like a whiteboard?


Let us help you get the most from your investment.  We will observe how your office functions, discuss what your needs are, and present a course of action that will help you maximize the resources that you've invested in, crafted to support YOUR business, not our vision.



One-on-one tutoring to teach you exactly what you need.

Together we will develop a plan to bring you from whatever level of mastery you currently have to whatever level of mastery you need.

Beginner?   No problem.  I'll cover the basics and get you on a path to learning.

You're pretty good?  Great!  We'll see where you could use some help,  Advanced Excel functions?  



Do you have a specific requirement and just need a little help?  A spreadsheet to deal with a new product?  A presentation tweaked to get your message across?

Let's discuss your needs and see if we can help.

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